Snooze you lose during Holiday season

Christmas lazy

You may be thinking that the New Year may be the perfect time to step up the intensity when it comes to finding a new job. New Year New Me and all that. You would be right, to a certain extent. Many business’ awake from their festive slumber and look for  fresh and exciting candidates to fill their positions

However, as you can imagine, the list of job seekers around that time of year can be lengthy. It may come as a surprise to you to hear that some clients are already screening and interviewing potential candidates with a projected start date in January

If you’ve just read the above in a state of panic, thinking you may be left behind – fear not. There’s still time. Clients are accepting resumes all throughout the festive period, and are conveniently holding interviews in those limbo days as I like to call them (27th, 28th, 29th) between Christmas and the weekend/New Year

Beginning your search in January is all well and good, but force your way to the front of the pack by getting yourself organised and present yourself early. By doing so, it shows a fantastic appetite for work and success – not using the holiday season as an excuse to sit back and wait for the opportunity to come to you. In the competitive world we live in today, that is extremely unlikely to happen

So, what are you waiting for? Brush up that resume, shine up those shoes and come down and see us today to hear about our exciting January opportunities