5 reasons why being with an employment agency is awesome


We live in a world with fierce and vast competition for every vacancy on the planet. We have to fight tooth and nail to even be considered, and then after that – there’s the slog of an interview and furthermore some companies even invite you back for a second interview. Why deal with the stress when looking for jobs in Hamilton? 13.6% of the Canadian workforce are working through an agency, are they the smart ones? We think so

1. The Scatter Gun Approach

For forty five minutes of your time, filling in a bit of paperwork, answering simple questions and proving you can legally work in Canada you can apply for multiple current jobs instantly. Pretty cool. Slogging through numerous application forms online is never fun and can be very time consuming. Here at 3PL we just need one application form to open up the various jobs in Hamilton we have for you

2. Look in to the Future

Sometimes applying for jobs is all about timing. Just as you may finish applying for the day, your perfect job could be posted and you could miss out. By registering with an agency, we consider you for jobs that come up automatically. You’re applying for jobs that don’t even exist yet! This way, we keep your choices vast and current without needing anything further from you

3. Weekly Pay

Perhaps your car breaks down, perhaps the house needs emergency funding or perhaps you’ve sacrificed your dollars to the needs of your children. Financial emergencies crop up all the time. With agencies it’s typical you get weekly pay, which means you’re only ever six days away from being paid again. Very handy indeed. Your vacation pay is also available to request if you’re ever short!

4. Immediate Start

It is true that a lot of our jobs require at least one interview, particularly the more bespoke positions. A more general position however has the advantage of an immediate start. It is not out of the realms of possibility that you could walk in the room to apply and leave starting your new job that afternoon. This is common particularly industrial positions, in which clients are eager to get things moving in a sharpish manner

5. We fight for you

It’s no secret. We don’t make money if we don’t have people placed in work. That’s how every agency works. Meaning we will always have your back when it comes to trying to get you steady hours, trying to get you the shifts you need, and trying to be sure that you are generally happy in the workplace. Agencies rely on their employees, and their employees rely on the agency. It’s the classic you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours