5 ways to spark that great first impression


We have all been in awkward situation of meeting a potential employer for the first time. That was me for most of my working career. I always thought about how I would like to portray myself early in to a meeting with a potential employer.

Now, I’m working in recruitment and dealing with rafts of people coming in to the office seeking employment in our various fields and encounter first impressions all day every day

So what do I look for? Let me give you a handy insight as to what I look for, so when your moment comes to meet that employer, you totally nail the first impression when looking for jobs in Hamilton

1. Attire

It’s not totally necessary in quite a few lines of work to be presented in the typical office attire. For somebody who is a machine operator, I wouldn’t expect them to turn up in their Sunday best. However, it may seem obvious to most – but believe me when I say it isn’t. Dirty clothes, ripped clothes or out there slogans are things that immediately concern me. How are you going to represent this agency when you go to an employer? Particularly if you apply for a position that deals with food, and have strict health and hygiene guidelines. I’m not asking for designer suits. But please, be presentable

2. Hygiene

Amazing isn’t it – I actually have to cover this subject. It wouldn’t be an issue for the majority of people, but some still ignore hygiene when applying. I know, I’m a lucky guy. Whatever work place you work in, be that office, factory, assembly line, outdoors – respect for your colleagues is vital. When somebody comes in to the office with a hygiene issue, it certainly makes me think twice about the environment they could be placed in. So please, don’t abuse my senses.

3. Communication

Granted we live in a multi cultural world where not everybody has English as their first language, and that’s fine. All I ask for is a medium pace when people speak to me, and just make sure it’s nice and clear. If you’re struggling with English AND mumbling/talking over me, it’s almost impossible for me to grasp your message and certainly would put you on the back burner for communication jobs. Also, just on a side note (I’m really getting a lot off my chest right now) conversation is a 50/50 thing – and I also have things I have to say that believe it or not will be of benefit to you

4. Commitment

Yes the WHMIS test is dull, yes I know you’ve done it before and yes I know your contact information is on your resume – but please just fill the form in. There is nothing worse than an applicant showing clear discontent at filling out the paperwork required by law to work. Also questions such as: “How long is this going to take?” are not really what you should be asking. Again it may sound simple, but sticking to when you said you would come in also goes a long way

5. Hunger

I see it all the time, people are super enthusiastic, say they’ll do any job, any location and at any time. Then when push comes to shove, it’s not in the right location, not the right shift or you can’t get there. A genuine hunger for work, whether you are applying for a bunch of positions or a more bespoke one is great to see. It makes me want to place you and help you that little bit extra. And you would be amazed at the amount of people that are here showing almost zero desire and hunger