Temporary Staffing

We know that each day is different; day to day business quickly increases when you have a new order or a big project to complete, peaks and valleys due to seasonal work or you get a new customer on board (hooray!) who brings you more things to make or do than the people you currently have on board

Our workers will help your business

  • Exceed your daily/ monthly and annual production/ manufacturing goals
  • Meet all your production/manufacturing deadlines which will
  • Help you to control costs of labour and overhead

Temporary Staffing = Happy and satisfied customers= increased revenues to your bottom line= Savings for your labour and overhead costs

Direct Placements

We believe that the right people in the right positions can make or break the success of every business.

We recruit with your needs in mind by listening to our customers and asking tons of questions to gain a true understanding.

All the recruitment functions that you dread doing, we happen to get excitement from, we are good at it and our success rate is truly impressive.

You will be part of the decision making along the way, great candidates are mined not found and we will present only the best to you for interview.

Our process, your guidance and our many years of experience placing high calibre candidates into local businesses will:

  • Provide you with trainable, motivated, high level candidates that will
  • Improve and support the overall talent within your firm and most importantly will
  • Help you to grow your business by strengthening your ROI

Direct Placements= Happy and engaged workers who immediately will have a positive impact on every area within your business = Increased productivity=Increased Revenues to your bottom line.

Project Management or Volume Staffing

Project Management or Volume Staffing

A big order or project has just arrived in your inbox or your peak season is fast approaching ; and as always, there is a looming deadline and the biggest question is who will help you to get this done, on time and within budget?

The great thing is that project management, volume recruitment, dealing with various shift times, or needing flexibility when it comes to numbers of workers is second nature to us.

We will take charge of the recruitment project and will keep you up to date and on track to meet your staffing needs.

Project Management or Volume Staffing = Happy and satisfied customers who will now know you can handle all of their business = Savings for your labour and overhead costs = Increased revenues to your bottom line