Manufacturing & Assembly

We staff a wide range of manufacturing positions for our customers. Our customers manufacture everything from A to Z, residential and commercial use, custom work to mass production.

We are well known for placing machine operators, quality inspectors, maintenance, general labour workers along with other support roles within health and safety, technicians and engineering plus others.

We understand that you might need workers for rotating shifts, continental shifts or straight shifts and that their attendance and punctuality is important to you.

We know this because it’s also important to us.


We often provide high numbers of workers to help keep the production lines buzzing along. As production often requires individuals educated in GMP (Good Food Manufacturing), SOP practices or HACCP training or other customer specific assessments/training, we can execute this entire process for you prior to having our workers arrive at your door for their first day.

We understand what skills, experience and training is required for many of the roles within production which gives us an edge when recruiting for you.

We keep you top of mind in our weekly recruiting whether we are working on an order or not (we will skill market the “stars” to you to see if there is interest)

You can think of us as your off-site recruitment partners.

Warehouse & Logistics

From general labour to warehouse managers, we will recruit with your specific needs in mind.

After listening to your requirements we will put a plan in place to source out the perfect candidate(s) for that shipper/ receiver, forklift operator, clerk position or whatever you need.

We check experience and credentials on all our applicants so only the best are sent your way.

Each customer is different and we appreciate that, just know you will be treated like the unique business that you are.

Skilled Trades

We stay current with the Ontario School of Trades; and will research the latest educational and practical experience required for the skilled trade individuals you are searching for.

The labour market in Ontario changes frequently and we know that many skills are in high demand. We keep our company brand in all social media and our reputation in the community is one that we are proud of which helps to attract skilled talent to us and then to you.

Some of our specialties would be large equipment operators, welders, CNC operators, construction trade or industrial setting specialists. If we haven’t listed what you are looking for let’s have a conversation to see how we can help you build your team.

Here are other areas that we provide staffing for…just to name a few

Quite often we get an order outside of our day to day work (and that’s terrific!)

We excel at planning, recruiting and placing for high volume project work or positions outside of the norm.

Special Projects

Inventory: Volume staffing for inventory time, counters and clerical support

Retail Events: Volume staffing for special events or big sales such as cashiers, stock clerks, baggers, etc.

Promotional Events: Requiring booth attendants, set up and take down staff, greeters etc.

We are happy to fill any unique positions that you require…within reason…

(we can’t find you a lion tamer or elephant trainer…sorry!)